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About Us

Mr.COPPER - Manufacturers and suppliers of wide variety and range of copper ware, copper stainless steel ware, bronze ware and brass ware.  Our primary moto is on bringing back the value of utensils made of copper, brass and bronze to every home and establishments catering to the wide applications in kitchen, servings, auspicious, and adorning purposes that reflects the wonderfulness of the copper material that possess innumerable benefits in healing properties, neutralizing negative energies, that are well beyond the boundaries of myths, and proven by scientific world. 

Product quality and range are impressive from our customer's view


Having 50+ product categories, and 100's of variants, catering every product selection of customers that are available for direct purchase at our own outlets at Salem, and Tiruvannamalai in state of Tamilnadu, India, and for purchase through online for customers beyond our territory.

98% satisfaction rate from our existing and new customers.


Product quality is our very principal moto, and we never compromise on that, and that makes our product comparably remarkable on similar products in market.  We follow strict quality control from manufacturing through packing and delivery.