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Copper Tongue Cleaner Plain

Copper Tongue Cleaner Plain
Copper Tongue Cleaner Plain
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Copper Tongue Cleaner Plain
Copper Tongue Cleaner Plain

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Copper Tongue Cleaner Plain
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  • Package Weight: 0.10kg
  • Package Dimensions: 0.00cm x 17.00cm x 7.00cm
  • SKU: MC-C-71-N-0001
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Mr. COPPER’s Tongue Cleaners are handcrafted from pure copper and designed to suit everyone. And even while traveling it can easily fit into your toiletry bag. The copper band used is completely smooth to ensure it does not hurt the user. Copper's antimicrobial nature makes it ideal for cleansing the tongue.

Ayurvedic Literature propounds the practice of Tongue Cleaning as essential to maintain oral hygiene and to ensure personal well-being. The tongue is loaded with bacteria and dead cells, and continuous accumulation of the two can lead to dental issues, other infections, and bad breath. A white layer on the tongue indicates the deposit of bacteria and dead cells and calls for immediate cleaning. A Tongue Cleaner/ Scraper is a simple, easy-to-use device that will do the job effectively and in less than ten minutes. Making Tongue Cleaning a part of your morning routine will definitely improve your oral hygiene.

Benefits of Regular Tongue Cleaning:

  • Removes Bacteria
  • Improves Sense of Taste
  • Stops Bad Breath

We have one more variation. Please check:

Copper Tongue Cleaner Spiral

Copper No: 0
Product Weight 0.015 Gms
Product Dimensions 7 cm x 17 cm (L x W)
Shipping Time 2 to 5 Days
Product Material COPPER
Product Color COPPER
Design PLAIN
Condition Artistic Hand-Crafted Metal Ware
No.of Pieces 1
In The Box 1 x Copper Tounge Cleaner Plain