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Copper Table Serving

Copper Table Ware

If you have ever been to a restaurant that serves up barbequed vegetables and meat, then you know just how important this piece of equipment is. The Copper-Brass Barbeque from Mr.COPPER is a light-weight tabletop food warmer that will definitely add spunk to your next dinner party or just about any ..
Brand: Mr.COPPER Model: SIGRI
At less than 500g, this quaint looking copper-brass sigri is the ideal food warmer to keep your foods fresh and ready to eat. The base is made entirely of copper, while the triangular stand is made from brass. Copper is known for heating up fast and evenly, and cooling down fast as well. Restaurants..
Brand: Mr.COPPER Model: FRY PAN
Looking for a frying pan that looks good, is easy to clean, and saves fuel? Look no further. The Copper-Steel frying pan is fitted with a sturdy brass handle, that adds stability to the utensil. It does not heat up during the cooking process which means you can hold the pan while you saute your dish..
Sit at your table and feel like royalty with the delightful Copper-steel handi from Mr.COPPER. The inner lining of the handi is made from high-quality steel, while the outer shell is fashioned from hammered copper. The knob on the glass lid and the handles are made from brass. The glass lid gives th..
Nothing highlights Indian cuisine better than a smidgen of pickle on the side! The Maharaja Pick stand from Mr.COPPER will bring the necessary spice to your table. The stand itself is crafted from brass while the pickle bowls combine an inner lining of steel with a hammered copper on the outside. Up..
How about some pasta and stir-fried vegetables for dinner tonight? The Copper-Steel saucepan from Mr. COPPER is just the perfect cookware for that. It comes in three sizes, allowing you to choose the size that suits your needs best. The flat copper base allows even, quick heating which speeds up the..
Brand: Mr.COPPER Model: BUCKET
The Copper-Steel Bucket from Mr.COPPER is one of those utensils that has an old-world charm that is sure to brighten up any meal. The bucket is best suited for storing and serving gravies and soups, but there's no stopping you from using it for your sabjis and snacks as well. The inner lining is mad..
Copper / Steel Kadai Hammered Copper / Steel Kadai Hammered
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Brand: Mr.COPPER Model: KADAI
There is no denying the elegant appeal of a copper utensil. It adds a certain regal finish to any kitchen. However, cooking in copper is not advisable. Hence, Mr. Copper presents the Copper-Steel Kadai. The inside of the kadai (wok) is lined with fine quality stainless steel, that is rust-resistant ..
Brand: Mr.COPPER Model: HANDI
As the name suggests, this handi bowl is fit for a king! Treat your family to a dinner table lined with Mr. Coppers Maharaja Handi bowls that come in six different sizes. The food you cook is definitely worthy of being served in these elegant copper steel bowls. The inner lining of the bowl is made ..
Copper / Steel Oval Plate or Entree Dish Copper / Steel Oval Plate or Entree Dish
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Bring out these fancy plates for special occasions or make every meal a special occasion with these beautiful copper-steel plates from Mr.COPPER. The inner lining of the plate is made from high-quality stainless steel, while the outer shell is fashioned from hammered copper. The handcrafted copper s..
Brand: Mr.COPPER Model: HANDI
Make cooking and serving a wonderful experience with Mr.COPPER’s Copper Steel cookware and serving dishes. This Copper-Steel Punjabi Handi comes in three different sizes and so you can pick the one that fits your needs best. The inner lining is made from the finest quality stainless steel that is ru..
Copper Brass Pepper & Salt
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The Copper-Brass Pepper & Salt shakers are amongst our fastest selling tableware. The sleek and simple design, adds a nice touch to your dinner table. The body is made from matte finish copper, while the lid and base are fashioned from brass. The set makes a beautiful birthday gift and is a..
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