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09 Aug 12 Major Interesting Facts about Copper
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The Romans gave copper its name. They called it “aes cyprium” (ore from Cyprus) because in ancient times most of the copper came from Cyprus. The word was later modified to “cuprum” from which we derive our modern-day “copper”.Copper is an essential ..
15 May How To Keep Your Copper Vessels Sparkly Clean
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HOW TO KEEP YOUR COPPER VESSELS SPARKLY CLEAN If you have just purchased a copper water bottle or any utensil, you better be prepared to take extra care to keep it clean and shiny. Oxidation – a natural process that causes the copper to react with t..
27 Mar Copper boosts pig growth, and now we know why
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Pigs have better feed conversion rates with copper in their diets, but until now, scientists didn't fully understand why. Existing research from the University of Illinois shows copper doesn't change fat and energy absorption from the diet. Instead, ..
25 Feb Copper is great at killing superbugs – so why don’t hospitals use it?
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Fantasilandia in Chile, one of Latin America’s largest theme parks, has replaced its most frequently touched surfaces with copper to help reduce the spread of germs and protect the health of its visitors. But why? Because copper and its alloys exhibi..
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