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Copper Steel Jug Embossed 2.2 Lits

Copper Steel Jug Embossed 2.2 Lits

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Copper Steel Jug Embossed 2.2 Lits
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  • Model: SJUG
  • Package Weight: 0.90g
  • Package Dimensions: 16.50cm x 13.50cm x 24.00cm
  • SKU: MC-U-02-B-2200
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Water stored overnight in a copper vessel gets purified by the copper, which kills all the germs and bacteria present in it. Practitioners of Ayurveda believe in the healing properties of copper. When water is stored in a copper vessel, copper ions from the vessel mix with the water purifying it entirely. This copper infused water is said to protect the body from common infections by balancing out the three energies of the body - Vatha, Pitta and Kapha.

The Copper Steel Jug Embossed from Mr Copper has a capacity of 2200ml. It is crafted from a combination of Copper and Stainless Steel. The inner cavity of the jug that holds the water is made from copper. The outer shell is made from stainless steel and has a beautiful floral pattern embossed on it. While washing be sure not to use a rough/ hard scrub that could leave scratches on the metal. The copper lid is detachable, enabling you to clean the jug thoroughly. Get yourself complete copper drinkware set by pairing the Copper Steel Jug Embossed with a set of Copper Glass Royal tumblers and you will have the perfect set of thirst-quenchers on your dining table at your next meal!

Please note that copper vessels are not suitable to store juices or energy drinks of any kinds. Copper vessels should be used only to store water or unprocessed dry food like nuts, sugars and dry fruits. Copper bottles need to be washed regularly - at least once in 48 hours. Follow the Cleaning Instructions diligently to enjoy the benefits of copper to the fullest.

Copper No: 0
Capacity 2200 ML
Product Weight 750 Gms
Product Dimensions 23 cm x 17 cm (H x W)
Shipping Time 2 to 5 Days
Product Material COPPER
Product Color COPPER
Condition Artistic Hand-Crafted Metal Ware
No.of Pieces 1
In The Box 1 x Copper Steel Jug Embossed 2.2 Ltrs
Packing Dimensions 13.5 cm x 16.5 cm x 24 cm (L x W x H)