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Delivery Policy / Shipping Policy

Mr.COPPER uses the best carriers in the business to make sure your order gets to you on time.  You can track your item description, price, and delivery time and the consignment status from Secure CHECKOUT page.  Our shipping partner does not count Sundays or any other National Holidays in their guaranteed delivery time.  This is an exception if there are national calamities or uncertainties as declared by the regional, state and the national government. Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information. Tracking information will be available in your Mr.COPPER account also


If the consignment is undelivered due to no receiver, no addressee, no appropriate personnel or authenticity mismatches to claim the consignment, it would be returned to origin-destination.  Our delivery process is more accurate and transparent which is up to date to the customers.  We have developed a technologically driven system to update the same to our customers too. 


Customers are advised to verify all of your shipping and billing information when placing the order.  It is the customers’ responsibility to verify that the given address is complete and accurate.  Please make sure to include the name of the apartment, suite, unit, room number, prominent landmark if any and the appropriate Alpha Numeric info with right spaces in between to ensure proper and timely delivery of the order.


All orders will be shipped to the address listed on the confirmation page of the order.  Customers are advised to reach our customer care if they have got any concern to be clarified, to be updated before the consignment moving out from Mr.COPPER destination.  Failing which will lead to delay in the process but we are happy to help our customers thought it’s the mid-way if there is a concern.  Typical shipping regulations are on Mr.COPPER’s own discretion where all rights reserved and will be informed well in advance if appropriate otherwise will be updated any time with sole discretion