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Copper Steel Table Spoon

Copper Steel Table Spoon

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Copper Steel Table Spoon
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  • Model: SPOON
  • Package Weight: 0.10kg
  • SKU: MC-U-58-H-0001
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Mr. Copper is the complete deal. We have the widest range of products, in designs that are both beautiful works of craftsmanship while also being extremely efficient. The Copper-Steel cutlery range will go perfectly with every utensil in our dinnerware. This Copper Steel Table Spoon is a perfect fit for those of you who enjoy fine dining with a fork and spoon. The bite-size is suited for grown-ups and can also be used to serve food or snacks out of smaller containers when the larger serving spoon might hamper stability. The handcrafted hammered copper moulded into the handle looks great and sits snug in your hand. It is not advisable for copper to come in contact with cooked food items and non-water liquids. The scoop is made from the finest quality stainless steel that is rust-resistant and stain-resistant. Pure copper tends to turn dark due to oxidation. While this is a natural process and is also proof of the high quality of the copper used, blackened metal is not attractive. To avoid this and extend the longevity of the product follow the cleaning instructions described in this link.

Looking for a good gift? Buy a set of copper-steel cutlery from Mr. Copper. Check out our cutlery range:

Copper No: 0
Product Weight 0.030 Gms
Shipping Time 2 to 5 Days
Product Material COPPER STEEL
Product Color COPPER
Design PLAIN
Condition Artistic Hand-Crafted Metal Ware
No.of Pieces 1
In The Box 1 x Copper Steel Table Spoon