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Copper Agnihotra Set

Copper Agnihotra Set
Copper Agnihotra Set
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Copper Agnihotra Set
Copper Agnihotra Set

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Copper Agnihotra Set
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'Bliss is a state of following the ancient spiritual practices in the modern lifestyle'

Everything we do is practice for something greater than where we currently are.  Practice only makes for blissful improvement

Agnihotra is one of the best practices derived from Vedas.  It's purely a healing fire from the ancient science of Ayurveda.  This Vedic practice processes of purifying the atmosphere through a specially prepared fire performed at sunrise and sunset on all days.  Anyone can perform irrespective of any place where he/she is located in their daily life, where Agnihotra heals the atmosphere

Practicing Agnihotra reduces stress, improves the clarity of one's thought process, significantly improves overall health, of course, wealth follows with those all.  These all lead one into loads of energy which makes the mind full of love & joy

Agnihotra nourishes plant life and neutralizes harmful radiation and pathogenic bacteria ranging 3-kilometer radius.  It harmonizes the functioning of Prana (life energy) in the said radius and can be used to purify water resources also.

How does Agnihotra work?

The fire is prepared in a small copper pyramid of specific size and shape.  Brown rice - unpolished, country cow-dung dry cakes, and ghee from the country cow are the substances burned.  The above-mentioned materials are ritually suggested for the Agnihotra yaagam.  Exactly at the time of sunrise and sunset, the mantras are spoken and a small offering of rice and ghee is given to the fire.  Tremendous amounts of energy are gathered around the copper pyramid at the time of Agnihotra.

Mr.COPPER has got a successful history of producing the finest quality copper products.  We always go for miles extra to take care of our customers.  Thus, we are presenting Agnihotra to our customers to reach out spiritually adored blissful life.  The Agnihotra yaagam full set is available with or without accessories as per the devotees' preference.  The Agnihotra Copper Kundam (Tray) specially designed without any splits.  The copper kundam is made of in a single sheet which is a special craft from Mr.COPPER.  The measurement is as per the yogis practice and perfectly made with spiritual spirits.

Morning Agnihotra
Sooryaya swáahá,
Sooryáya idam na mama
Prajápataye swáahá,
Prajápataye idam na mama
Evening Agnihotra
Agnaye swaáhá,
Agnaye idam na mama
Prajápataye swaáhá,
Prajápataye idam na mama

Copper No: 0
Product Weight 400 Grams
Shipping Time 5-8 days
Product Material Copper
Product Color Copper
No.of Pieces 5 Pieces
In The Box 1 X Copper Hawn Kund, 1 X Copper Hawn Kund Stand, 1 X Copper Small Plate, 1 X Copper Spoon, 1 X Copper Fork
Tags: spritualware